Monday, July 30, 2012


No, I'm not gifted (although in elementary school I did get to go to the gifted and talented program.  That was a long time ago though).  This quilt has been gifted and is being enjoyed by my newest niece, Joy.  The quilt is much, much, much pinker than I would have chosen, but it was requested as such, and being the easy-going person that I am, I went with it.  It ended up much larger than I meant it to, but sometimes that happens when you're having fun!

I absolutely love the back, I feel like it's a bit more balanced, although still has more pink than I would have chosen...

I love her name on the back!  I'm so glad they gave her a short name with very easy letters (I'm sure that went into their decision to name her)!

I quilted small loop de loops in the negative space, and flowers in the dresden plates.  The quilting was difficult to see in the dresdens because they already had a lot going on in them, but the effect on the back is great!

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