Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sewing Summit!

Hey, have I mentioned that I'm going to Sewing Summit?  Oh, no?  Well, I am.  And I'm very excited.  But I'm not a blogger.  Really, I'm not.  I never seem to make it a priority, so it doesn't ever get done.  I'll be honest, sometimes I don't sew for a whole week too.  You know, when you have three kids, and one of them is 6 months old, it's hard to make time. 
Anyway, one of the things that was offered to participants were Moo mini cards.  Do you think I took advantage of them?  No.  And why not?  Well, what information would I have to put on a business card?  Absolutely nothing.  Because I don't blog, I don't do flikr, I don't tweet...  I have email, and I instagram when I have something interesting to share, but even that doesn't happen a whole lot.  However, now I'm worried that I will be the ONLY participant there who doesn't have a Moo card.  So I'm designing one.  I have no design skills whatsoever, and I still don't have any information to put on it, but I'll have something.  One of the tips was to include your blog, even if you don't update it very often.  So...I shall.  And I figured there ought to be at least one recent blogpost.  So there it is.  Maybe I'll be better...probably not. 

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