Friday, July 29, 2011


Oh wait...I can't present anything. I'm terrible at taking pictures of things I make and give away. I think I have exactly 4 items that I've taken a picture of before giving away. The quilt I made for my really good friend's baby? No picture. What about the really cute iPod pouch I just made for a friend? Gifted. No picture. At least the cute pillow I made for my grandma out of scraps of Central Park can still be photographed. Next time I head to Boise. Same with the pinwheel quilt I made using the pinwheel QAL at psiquilt. Oh and all of the cute little table runners I've made for my mom's entry table. Yeah, all of those can be photographed too, the next time I remember. Problem is that I get so excited to give the gift (I think it's SO true with the whole better to give than receive when it's handmade), that I forget to take pictures. Note to self: remember to take pictures!!

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